Take the Couple Checkup

Click here to take the online Couple Checkup


  1. Create your Couple Checkup account using a voucher code or payment ($29.95).
  2. Answer a few background questions about your relationship, allowing the Couple Checkup to be customized to your relationship stage (dating, engaged, or married) and structure (with or without children, forming a stepfamily, etc.).
  3. Spend 20-30 minutes reading through a series of statements and indicate whether you “agree” or “disagree” that each statement accurately describes your relationship.
  4. Your partner will also login and respond to the same statements.
  5. Once you are both finished, the computer system analyzes your responses and immediately generates your comprehensive Couple Checkup Report (approximately 20 page PDF file) which you can view online, print, or save to your own computer.
  6. Forward a copy of your report to your Coach: lorinda@consultclausen.com
  7. Finally, you will receive an extensive Discussion Guide (PDF file) designed to help you discuss and apply your results.
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